She created her community and became the light for her people.  

Her story began in 2005 in Sudan, when she was searching for the truth and for God.

She found her faith and in 2016 she moved from Sudan to Egypt.

At that time, she was alone with three children, without a breadwinner, husband and money.  She obtained a university degree, but was unable to find a job.
Amna took 100 Egyptian pounds (about $3) to start her business: she bought the tools and started baking Sudanese bread and delivering that bread all over the region.

At the same time, she participated in the project of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and received 15,000 Egyptian pounds (about $480) to implement her project “with the will and power of God that you know and believe in”.
The project is about helping others! She rented an office, organized a society for women, supported them, gave them food and bread, as well as the opportunity to work.

At that time, she and her children were sleeping on the floor.  But with the first money she earned, she was able to buy her son a small TV.

During the COVID, work stopped for 4 months, and it was very difficult.  But the "Red Crescent" helped Amna, providing money, food, and support to members of her community.
Thus, she established this small society that loses the human breadwinner, but with it God's providence and righteousness.

Now there are about 400 people on her initiative and they still bake bread and distribute it throughout the region.  Amna has also opened a restaurant, where they cook and serve falafel, the community is growing and people always come here for help.

"When I ask for help, I only ask for help for myself. I ask for people around me. I've been in a situation where people turned away from me, and I know how I feel. I always believe that God will help me."

Amna  advice to all people is to be strong and look for support in yourself!  There will always be help, but you yourself must be a source of faith and goodness.

Just a month ago, Amna moved to Canada, and it was a dream for her that she had been walking towards for several years.
Now she is starting a new chapter in her history and her life in another country.

Extraordinary persistence and striving for the best.  Help yourself and others - this is the task of the saint for all people in the world.