Master classes and courses by anna Afanasjeva 

My online school has been running since 2020. All this time I have been teaching a lot of students: some of them come to me for basic knowledge while others come to me in order to find their very own style or to gain some strength and confidence in their photography. Many times I’ve seen the way my students started to believe in themselves, seen how they started calling themselves as professionals and I always feel proud of them. 


After graduation most of my students stay in touch with me. I follow and support them in their creative path.

Currently my online educational programs are available ONLY in Russian. However, I hope to run them in English soon.


Урок по обработке, секреты чистого цвета  + пресеты для LightRoom

Стильные пресеты, глубокий цвет, идеальная тоновая кривая.

Оформление Instagram и портфолио + создание личного бренда  

Полный базовый курс. Всё, что необходимо для чистой, красивой картинки и стабильной работы.

Индивидуальная работа, программа наставничества для фотографов


Coming soon...